In the Primordial Era when different races aroused the gods sent a few Masters to guide them, the great master of the elves was Lord Solar and with his tutelage the elves developed their arts and their skill to create beautiful objects; also unified them in the first elven kingdom that they called Longurox, Lord Solar’s wisdom was such that the Dragons gave him the Dragons Stone, a clear stone like quartz but strong like their scales, the stone can not be found in the belly of the earth it’s made with the fire and the magic of the Dragons, Lord Solar ordered to build the city and the walls with such stones, the whole city gleamed like the sun itself.

The splendor of the elves came from the hands of Lord Solar of Longurox.

Lord Solar dies 21 years after the founding of the kingdom

Some relics can still be found, as in the case of Amelia’s Pendant


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