The Twins

The Twins are brothers, polar opposites but inextricably bound by their shared blood and love. They are Kosto, the God of Vengeance, and Armo, the God of Mercy.

Kosto is commonly depicted as an plate-clad warrior with a flaming greatsword ready to strike, his fiery hair a halo around the youthfully handsom features from which amber eyes glare out with soul-searing ferocity. He is a god of severe justice and rightful retribution, and will not tolerate violence without just cause. This makes him popular among paladins, executioners, and all who feel they have been wronged and deserve vengeance. Those who have committed themselves to Kosto’s service often reflect his temperament, being quick to anger but never hold grudges once justice has been done.

Armo has identical facial features, but his nature is completely opposite. Dressed in flowing blue-and-white robes, hair a cascade of frothing springwater, he stands calm and serene, his arms open to embrace. His eyes are like mountain lakes, placid and welcoming. He abhors suffering, and does whatever he can to relieve it wherever it can be found. But for all endless mercy he is no fool, but always mindful of the long-term consequences. He understands that not all can be helped, and must be prioritized: to assist an oppressor makes one party to the suffering of the victims. Sometimes compassion dictates that suffering be ended not with balm and poultice, but with the edge of a knife. As this attitude makes for a slippery slope in terms of morals, the cult of Armo emphasizes personal responsibility, thoughtfulness and careful consideration. Armo’s clerics are required to exhibit these traits, which makes them less common than people would like. Due to his emphasis on patience and compassion with forethought, he is venerated by many judges, healers and all who seek surcease of suffering.

Although the clergies of Kosto and Armo are separate, they are expected to treat each other as brothers and sisters. There is also thought to be no shame in transitioning from one cult to the other: sometimes clerics of Armo find they have run out of mercy and join the priests of Kosto, while those few devotees of Kosto who live too old to smite the wicked often retire into the ranks of Armo’s priesthood.

It is also not unknown for devoted followers of one brother to momentarily exhibit the traits of the other. These cases are rare, and are usually not considered ethical or moral violations as long as the precepts of both brothers have been upheld during the event.


Kosto: Neutral Good; Favoured weapon: greatsword; Domains: Fire, Good, Sun, War
Armo: Neutral Good; Favoured weapon: dagger (a surgeon’s blade); Domains: Water, Good, Healing, Protection

The Twins

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